Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 9 2009 - duck

Today was another good day. We finished our ducks.

Some really good terminology from today.
To "Hulk Out" is to rip something open because you've taken a strong arm to it.
A "Hoss" is a big ol' ____ (horse, deer, turkey, whatever)
A "Dandy" means really awesome ______ (horse, deer, turkey, whatever)
To "CSI" something is to skin it and discover what types of things it was shot with or what it was eating when it died.
When you "got people," other people do your work for you.

Finished duck mount! Tape is applied to keep the feathers in line as they are drying. In about two weeks I can take the tape off and airbrush the legs a nice orange color.
Artificial duck head attached to wire and string neck.

Artificial duck head, airbrushed.

Airbrush set.

My deer... 7" from eye to nose and 20" around the neck.
Today we got our capes and ordered our deer forms. Exciting! I found myself being really proud of my deer. We were talking about tanning capes and someone asked if you can do a soft tan yourself. Chip said, well, what we do here is a hard tan, it dries hard, and the tannery does the soft ones. I guess you can do it yourself if you have an old Indian woman on hand."

Carrie's sweet treat of the day: delicious.

I also learned about this guy, who sells the beefiest, most sterroidal deer mounts on the face of the earth.

Grandpa's Drill Bit
In the shop, we like to tease people when they break things. We like to say "that was Grandpa's ____!" Today, someone broke off a drill bit into an artificial duckhead. Chip immediately jumped on the joke, and said that was Grandpa's drill bit, but he took it a bit farther.
"That was Grandpa's drill bit!"
"That drill bit came over from the old country."
"I drilled my first hole with that drill bit."
"That's all I have to remember him by."

It was a long day, but a good one. Time for rest.

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