Monday, January 19, 2009

Jan 19 2009 - fox, wet thumbs

Deer is drying, and doing well.

A case of the Mondays!

In the process of sewing. You fit the animal then you pin everything. You start with the back, going from the head down. Then you do the legs, one by one. My legs were particularly hard to do because the fox is sitting, which creates lots of folds in the legs. I had to do some tucking and cutting to make it look like the legs are folded in the right way.
Earliners in place. The deer ear liners were made of plastic, but these were made of wire mesh and clay. They serve the same purpose, but they are just smaller and hand made.
Eyes are in place. The photo behind was used for reference.
Before fox was fluffed and before the tail was sewn. The legs and tail are sewn up in this one.
Carrie's pineapple cake ... it was way too early for that when she brought it out today.
The fox is a bit fluffier now, all parts sewn and the tail is, too! The face is bagged because it's not in place yet. We keep it wet by having the bag on the ears and the face.

Back view.

my fingers
They were wet all day from sewing, and got pruny and painful after the eight hours it took to sew up the fox. The cure is superglue! It seals the parts that are raw so the salty fox doesn't sting the cuts.

A video of Chip giving a talk on the shape of feet.
A video of blow-drying the fox.

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