Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jan 14 2009 - deer


Deer cape in a bag. The ears have been glued to the ear liners and they are supposed to dry, but the actual skin should stay wet since it hasn't been stretched yet.


Setting the eyes on the form - building up clay to make eyelids. Those will be under the actual skin, but give it shape.

Both eyes are in.

Carrie's Sweet Treat of the Day - Banana Bread

Apparently, PETA wants to rename fish because nobody thinks of them as cute, cuddly animals. They have decided to rename fish "sea kittens." Chip says this is not a joke.

The cape is just pinned on in this picture. You get it on right, sew it up, then you finish off the back end, then you do the ears and the face. Tonight we got as far as sewing and finishing the back.

The back is all stitched up! You can't see the sewing because I AM SO AWESOME. (The deer has long hair and we use a baseball stitch to keep it tight.)

This is Greg's deer. He said it looked like a deer-Aunt Jemima hybrid. I do not really know what that means.

This is my deer! It kind of looks like a victim of sorts, I know, but the bags are to keep those parts wet overnight. Tomorrow we come in at 8am and do the face and the ears.

This is a tiny part of an example of a demonstration by Chip. Today he spent an hour telling us about how you CAN STILL HUNT if you are a FULL TIME TAXIDERMIST. DON'T WORRY. (I wasn't worried.)

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