Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jan 21, 2009 - odd photos

Taking up room in the room!
Mounts everywhere.

When I got home tonight there were a million wasps, all dead and dying, all over my floor.
Actually, one is alive, and he's been bumping into walls for a few minutes now.

Today we came in and started right on our trout. They were not terribly difficult to mount. The heads are reproductions, so we mounted the bodies and we will attach the head later. We had to carve the bodies from scratch, which was probably the hardest part -- getting it to fit. I made a long movie of skinning the trout, but didn't get to take many pictures of today because my camera started dying.


Carrie made chocolate cake.

I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow - we're doing the same thing with Bass, and we keep the heads on this time so they're harder to skin and flesh. With the head on, they won't lay out flat.

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