Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 8 2009 - duck, bubby

Today we chose our pair of antlers. Mine has "character."

Carrie's sweet treat of the day- peanut butter cake.
Every day, Carrie bakes. About 11am, she brings in some kind of treat. The first day it was brownies, the second day it was cheesecake, and today it was peanut butter cake. Everyone devours it, they are all really delicious. I'm going to start taking a picture of it every day.

My frozen duck.

My frozen duck head. Grosser pictures here and here

Bubby begs like this if you look him in the eye. Today he ate a hershey's kiss right off the floor, choked on it, spit it back up in perfect form, and then ate it again. Good ol' Bubby. His owner, Melvin, is the nicest, funniest guy. He is one of those people who only speaks when he has something brilliantly funny to say.

Today was a good day. There was a whole lot of fleshing, which is kind of gross because of all the "butter." Butter is the stuff that flings off of the skin in the flesher. It was all over my arms and trust me, you don't want to clean it off of the glass guard. I haven't gotten sick at all, but that made me want to puke. My favorite expression pertaining to the butter was "well, that's nothin' you'd want to put on a ritz cracker."

We also talked a lot about duck, and eating duck, but I don't really eat meat, so I mostly listened. I pretty much got the following - remember it's about 10 people all just - shooting the shit.

"Man, you can't make duck taste good no matter what you do to it."
"Yeah, it's nasty, you ever tried duck jerky?"
"Aw hell that's disgusting."
"I've tried goose jerky- now that's pretty good."
"I put bacon on duck that makes it taste better."
"You put bacon on just about anything and it makes it taste better. You put bacon on dog crap and I'll---"
"Now that's just gross. I don't know about that."
"I give most of the ducks I kill to my Mexican workers. They go and make pitas out of 'em."
"Nah, if you just marinate that duck it'll taste better."
"Look, I figure anything you have to marinate longer than a year to make it taste good..."

Chip told us a story about a guy who called him up and asked him to mount a turkey that he'd skinned himself. Chip said, well, that sounds kinda weird, maybe I should see if you skinned him right, and we will see what we can do. The guy brought in a totally bald turkey with all the feathers organized by color and placement in separated bags.

Also, I heard the word "greasy" (pronounced : greezey) about a million times today.
Also, Chip gave me two bobcat skulls (one for Laura!) I have to clean all the meat off/out of myself, which is a lot grosser than you could ever imagine. It involves cutting, washing, and boiling.


  1. they've OBVIOUSLY never tried peking duck.


  2. ooh - are you going to put the antlers on top of the duck? A duck-alope?