Friday, January 30, 2009

Jan 30 2009 - GRADUATION




Mounts Mounts Mounts
Ready to be loaded in the car.

Group photo!
Chip, Dustin, Dave, Jared, Ryan, Julie, Rodney, Greg, Brandon, Angie, James, Brenda, Carrie, Me. (L to R)


Today was the last day. I can't believe that these four weeks are over. It seems like I started yesterday.

I spent all day boiling out skulls. I had to babysit a fire which wasn't too fun. Once they had boiled for about six hours, I cleaned them out. They don't look as good as skulls to when they are eaten by the beetles, but they're OK. There are two bobcats, a fox, and 1/2 of a duck. There was a possum, but it disintegrated. The duck broke in two pieces. The jaw bones all fell out, but I got a bunch of really amazing teeth out of it.

Carrie took pictures of all of our mounts today against a black back ground. We took a group photo outside, and we got a certificate.

I feel good. I feel like I'm not ready to stop doing taxidermy, so I bought a bear head. All I will need to buy is a form, the eyes, and hide paste. Maybe a few other things, but I know I can do it all from studio. (Awesome.) The cape is dry tanned which means I rehydrate it in salt water for 30 minutes then bag it and refrigerate it overnight.

Saying bye to everybody was weird. A lot of people just kind of said bye, and left, but it was sad because I am really going to miss Chip. We got along really well. As I was leaving, Chip gave me a deer skull and a really nice bobcat skull. He also gave me a fox, and a bobcat.... they aren't mountable, but they are good for scraps. (YEAY!)
Carrie said he had a sweet spot for me. I thought it was really nice, especially because he really seemed like he was being hard on me the whole time. Turns out, he really liked me.

I'm going to miss the dynamic of the whole classroom. Dave and Greg just shooting jokes back and forth, and Julie messing up on everything all the time. Melvin's laugh was so incredible.

LOOK HERE! We're on the WEB
A graduation page will be up soon.

I'm so excited to own a deer head. My deer head. And my fox. I'm so happy. I can't wait to do more taxidermy.

The skulls I boiled down.

These photos are of my cabin and how much these mounts are taking up space.

I want to say thank you to my parents for letting me come here. It's seriously changed my life and I had such a wonderful month.

I will update one more time when the graduation photos are up, and maybe again when I mount that bear.

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