Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan 15 2009 - fox, deer, studio

Furball ... my fox. We started our lifesized mounts today. Mine is a red fox that will be sitting and panting. This is what it looks like right now. (Pretty awful, no?)

Before the eyes were set.

One eye set!

Other eye set!

Deer! Done!

Paper towels help the nose to dry in shape.

View from below ... probably how it will be seen.

Angie with my deer.

From above.

Our deers actually turned out really nicely. We used a whole bottle of hair gel on them, pretty much. The eyes were hard to set and to get even. The back seam was easy to hide -- we used a hammer to push it in to the form and then we put T-pins in place to hold down hardware cloth. (This is so the hair won't dry in little tufts along the seam line.)

A look around the studio!

Today we were talking about how serious mounts take up serious space.
"A bear is a love seat. A turkey is a La-Z-Boy."
"Yeah, we're remodeling our house so I can fit that elk in the living room."

Chip says "Like I said" about every other sentence. I didn't notice that at first, and thought he was saying that to make a point -- like, don't ask me this again. But really, he just repeats himself and says "like I said" about everything. Some times I actually think back to see if he said it or not.

Chip also told us a story about his sister's horse that died, and how she just HAD to bury it that night, so he and his brother in law took a shovel and dug a horse-shaped hole in the ground so as not to dig unnecessarily.

"Tag it and bag it." -- Another phrase I hear every time we have something to put in the fridge, which is often.

It is about 0 degrees right now, and I am freezing!

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