Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan 20 2009 - fox, me

Almost finished fox! (Just needs the touch-ups)
Me with the fox.

The antler plaque! I got the cutest set of antlers. The skull plate was broken so I had to fix it with wires. We built up that empty space with a paper mache type substance. Then we will cover it with leather and border it with a pretty ribbon.... it will make more sense later.

Everything is set! We will finish off the airbrushing and the lip building later at the same time we do the eyes and nose of the deer. You have to seal everything up and make it look glossy. We also airbrush the blacks blacker and we make the patterns look more vibrant.

I cut the (expletive) out of my thumb today. It shocked me more than it hurt, but it is a/an (expletive) to try to do taxidermy with a hurt thumb. The cut is pretty deep, and it goes right down the middle of my thumb on the tip. I didn't boo-hoo, but tears were streaming out of my eyes!

What it looks like before we glued the mouth around the edges and before we set the eyes.

Dad made an appearance today via stamps.com.

Carrie made muffins today but I didn't get a picture because everyone ate them before I got a picture. Tomorrow we are doing a bass and Thursday we're doing a trout. Chip said we are going to smell to high heaven for two days straight.

Here's my cut and my crazy hair.

We spent two hours straight blow-drying our animals. It seems like a ridiculous amount of time, but we literally had to dry every bit of them to make them look their best. Here is a video of what today was like.

So the rest of the week is fish (sea kittens) and stuff, then next week is detailing and air brushing and going over business things. I am going to see how the week goes, but I might be ready (next week) to do some skull boiling and stuff. I've got two wal-mart bags full of deer skin!

Tomorrow I might smell too gross to touch my camera or computer, but we will see.

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