Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jan 7 2009 - pheasant, duck

Pheasant is almost finished!
This morning, the pheasant didn't look so good. But, today we rubbed the insides with borax, and filled the eyes with clay. Then we set the eyes, fixed the waddles, and actually mounted the bird! We spent about an hour making the bird look just right- pinning the wings, shaping the feathers.... then we lightly wrapped him in string so that he could dry perfectly shaped.

Today, Chip, Melvin and Dianne told us stories about people who come in and talk about how large their deer or turkeys were before they killed them. They call it "shrinkage." It's not real, but Chip just goes along with it. Also, there was this one guy who was just sure that he had killed an albino mallard, but it was really just a regular white duck. They mounted it for him anyway, but there's no way it was albino.

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