Saturday, March 7, 2009

golden eagle repair

The Edna Lawrence Nature Lab's Golden Eagle

My project for the week of March 5th - Golden Eagle. Whoever mounted this guy left his original tongue and mouth-skin(?) in his beak and hand-painted it. It looked pretty gnarly. Hopefully once I get his tongue re-made I can also get his beak and feet airbrushed the right colors. I also need to spend some time zipping his feathers. This might look bad, but the other golden eagle is in much worse shape.
No tongue yet.

Finished! Now he just needs to be airbrushed.
The eyes have new membranes and he has a new tongue that isn't shriveled up like beef jerky.
All the flesh color will be made the right colors soon.

I want the corners of his mouth to look really nice and yellow like this.

Next week: ducks!