Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jan 16 2009 - wet fox

Friday's Adventures...

Fitting the fox took about 6 hours ... no joke. The form has to be shaved down to fit, and you have to fit the animal leg by leg, and you have to do it by pairs, then all four, then you have to fit the torso ... all while your animal is getting stretched out and possibly ripped up. Sewing, shaving, sewing, shaving, pinning, re-pinning ...

The jaw set for my fox.

The jaw set is set inside of the form, which came with a closed mouth. We had to cut it, then scoop out the inner styrofoam, then set the jaw, then seal the top of the skull in place ... like this

The fox finally fits! We ended class early on Friday because once it fits, you have to start sewing OR take it off the form. Once you start sewing you have to stick with it or else the skin will dry out. We start sewing Monday and we will probably have to take them home to keep sewing them.
I imagine this will allow for a funny video of me sitting on the couch in my cabin, sewing up a fox and watching American Idol. Or something equally as awful.

Wet rat?

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