Tuesday, October 13, 2009

AMNH - September, October

What I've been working on this and last month.

One of four camels, fresh out of the mold. Each piece needs 2 layers of "gel", 2 layers of fiberglass resin (laying the fiberglass then wetting it down with stippling a brush over it) and then an edge layer of more fiberglass (then wet) then a gel to seal the edges. So, each piece gets about 9 layers before we can close it up. We hang it upside-down to set it so it doesn't collapse inside the mold.
One layer of gel-like polyester resin.
The mold, taken apart. There are about 15 pieces total.
The large abdomen piece.
Another view.

Pots - replicas from a sunken ship thought to be from the silk road era(s). These are cast in smooth cast and these few are broken open. I sanded the edges of the break to make it look more like a ceramic break. I also chased seams, and sealed bottoms on a lot of these pots. There will be 50-75 total. There are 30 now, 1/2 finished. A long way to go.

Unpainted Rhubarb. I sculpted the two parts together. The leaves are vacu-formed plastic to plaster molds of leaves, and the stems are cast from real rhubarb stems.
Kohlrabi - bulbs cast from real vegetables, leaves vacu-formed and in this picture, I am grafting them together.
Indian gooseberries - I sculpted these, Steve helped me cast them, then I painted them. 1/2 painted gooseberries.
Peepul figs - same process as the gooseberries.